2. Toronto Fashion Week s14 street style. More here!



  4. Oh, hey Madonna! What a dream come true. Pics + info here!


  5. Media babes Lauren O’Nizzle and Casie Stewart came by my new west end studio spot for an inaugural photoshoot, and it was so much F-U-N! They’re wearing sweaters by outrageous clothing company Shelfies.


  6. ATL TWINS @ Haus



  8. Travel diary photos from Cuba! Santiago & Brisas hotel! I’ve posted a bunch of galleries on it’s own special blog. Clicky here!


  9. Greta Constantine spring/summer 2014 at TIFF Bell Lightbox.


  10. One of the Roots Canada co-founders, Don Green, and Jason Priestley at Roots 40 Years of Style event!


  11. Pretty Audrey and her blue eyes! A snap from a recent family fall photoshoot.


  12. Austra.


  13. Blood Ceremony.



  15. Beezi board game launch.